You pay for result
We are assured of the quality of our services, so we guarantee the efficiency of our promotion activities financially. You pay not for promises, but for result.
We promote on more than 6,800 search queries
Every day we raise sales of our clients, promoting their business on more than 6,800 search queries at once! Over 40,000 potential customers visit the websites of our clients a day.
We care about efficiency
We care not only about ranks, but your sales as well. That’s exactly why we have launched some new services, such as complex analysis. This new service seeks to improve the performance of your website, and as a result to increase sales.
You see the result in 6 weeks
We get the first appreciable results of promotion just in 6 weeks. Why it is so quickly? Because we do all in time and we have the system of penalties for our optimizers. To promote a website on “popular” search queries is not so easy, it could take 6 months or more to get any appreciable result for a new domain. Learn more>>
How much does it cost to promote your website?

The TOP ranks are not for sale, so an efficient promoting campaign for your commercial website couldn’t be cheap, as in any commercial sector there is a competition for more high ranks in the search engine.

And though the exact cost for promoting your website you can get only from the manager, here are some basic figures, that can help you to plan your budget on promotion roughly.

Some limits:

Activity Yekaterinburg, (from, in RUR/month) Moscow, (from, in RUR/month)
compressors and industry equipment 25000 60000
bank services 18000 31000
metal production 32000 90000
 shop equipment 17000 28000
water delivery services 15000 25000
office furniture 27000 45000
real estate abroad 24000 24000
video surveillance systems 21000 42000
building of cottages 25000 50000
parquet 31500 60000
examination of construction works 27000 54000
electric motors 35500 70000
legal services 42000 80000
cleaning company 25000 50000

Look, what the price of website promotion consists of:

You’d like to get the price or calculate the exact cost of website promotion?

Please, fill the form of feedback or call our online consultants and get a personal commercial offer. Our phone number: +7 (343) 344 03 84

Efficient Promotion of Websites in Search Engines

Website can be promoted in 2 ways:

Legal promotion (“white” website optimization). A website or any other project is promoted using optimization techniques for content and URI and media buying, incl. placing articles on other sites.

Illegal promotion (“black hat” website optimization). It provides website promoting by spamming on various websites or building so-called doorways, when special webpages are created for search engine robots. (But such differentiation of optimization methods (“black hat” and “white”) is conditional).

It follows that when you promote your website in search engines, you can improve it both internally and externally, using “black hat” and “white” optimization methods. The first method requires creating a semantic kernel for web project promotion and making unique content, optimal using key words and links to other pages of the website, and optimizing a html-code. Within the other method you can just confine yourself to spamming and buying links to the website from other resources.
Articles on search engine optimization
Perhaps, you are well informed, what is SEO and Internet marketing?
In the section «Articles» you can find our articles, opinions and reviews on Russian and foreign markets of Internet marketing. Here you can find materials for Internet users of different level. «SEO for dummies» introduces to ABC and terminology. Also there are many articles of advanced level on efficient technologies for attracting target audience for your website, on peculiarities of advertising and search engine promotion of specialized websites in the Internet, on ways of advertising budget optimization, as well as on secrets of fast increasing your sales.
As the overwhelming majority of Internet audience constantly use various search engines, it provides rather ample opportunities for SEO promotion. It helps to promote a personal website, or a news web-portal, or to increase sales for an Internet shop. And it is very important to remember that SEO optimization of website is made in the conditions of a total competition between websites promoted and regular changes in algorithms of search engines. As a result, the website of the TOP-5 or even TOP-3 of search rank can lose its position of leadership in a matter of weeks, and if optimizator does wrong it can even drop out of TOP-10 or even TOP-20.
Website promotion methods
You have heard about website promotion, but have not known what SEO is yet?
Search engine optimization, as any other human activity, is based on key concepts. The whole complex of special events on promoting website is called SEO. It is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO promotion has a single aim – to improve website’s search ranks on key queries. As a result, higher ranks lead to increased target audience of the website. Then it will be inevitably converted in more sales and profits for the owner of the website promoted. SEO promotion of website consists of activities dealing with both external and internal factors. And it impacts on the total rating of a website in search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing etc.). The purpose of these events is to put the website into the TOP of main search engines on certain queries.