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Complex Website Analysis and Promotion

In consists of:
- Health check
- Usability check
- SEO check
Health check
It is an analysis of website reliability, software solution efficiency, website scalability (capability to add new pages and sections), easy to edit content.
- Server error log
- Quality analysis of 404 error reports
- Server headers check, etc.
Usability check
Usability means “ease of use” of website. All in your website should be perfect – not only interface, but content and functionality as well. But this “all” often keeps on paper, and in practice website developers’ ideas mostly are contrary to website users’.
- Domain analysis
- Frist impression
- Perception assessment
- Design
- Text readability
- Navigation assessment
- Ads on website, etc.
SEO check
Analysis of current ranks of the website in search engines and its promotion strategy
- Check of indexed pages
- Consistency of tags
- Consistency of headers
- Consistency of internal links
- Right selection of keywords, etc.

The purpose of work
It’s to make a complex website analysis and provide some recommendations on one-shot optimization according to the purposes of promotion (see below).

The purposes of promotion
 It’s to improve ranks on certain groups of queries in search engines and/or bring the dominant (the most important query) to the TOP.

Cost of works: RUR30,500.
Execution period: two weeks.