Мы ежедневно повышаем продажи наших клиентов, продвигая их одновременно более, чем по 6800 запросам!
Чем мы можем быть полезны для вас?


Our experts will work on behalf of you!

How will SEO-optimizers be paid for their efforts? SEA systems will pay them. Promotion campaigns of high quality for clients result in their increased loyalty, so, all gains as a result. Now Saytum has made an application to be a partner of Google and Yandex.Direct.


In-depth knowledge of Yandex.Direct’s settings

Time and geographical targeting, prohibited demonstration on certain IPs, and a lot of finance settings help to spend your budget efficiently unlike inactive ad placement by client himself, when he/she has time only to place an ad and to be informed, that money is out.

Yandex Ad Network

Search engine ads can be placed on other websites of Yandex Ad Network as well. If you go deep into, the Network will be for you a source, where you can buy additional traffic of high quality. If you don’t go rather deep into, so it will be money down the drain. Be careful!

Synergy between SEO and SEA

Every industry and every business has its own peculiarities, but, generally, it’s clear, that both of these instruments can be and should be combined efficiently. No wonder, that some of our clients from the TOP-1, buy specially-placed ads. They know how to spend money wisely.