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Saytum.Ru, as well as any other company, cannot keep out of social causes.
Charity is one of the ways to help those, who need help.

Unfortunately, we lack of time to help people in need personally. But we are ready to support foundations.

At present our Company attends to children’s charity foundation “Svoi Deti” (“Own Children”).It was found in 2009. Its key goal is harmonious development of inmates of children’s home and boarding schools as well as disadvantaged children, lived in Sverdlovsk region.

Children’s foundation “Svoi Deti” unites dozens of social organizations of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region: children’s homes, boarding schools, centers for the rehabilitation of disabled children. Besides, disadvantaged children are also participants of all major programs of the foundation.

What we do
  • Every month we donate from RUR500 to RUR3000 (depending on our monthly turnover) to the foundation “Svoi Deti”.
We are very proud, that we can share our profits with children.
After all, children are our future, and we are obliged to do our best to make them happy and lack nothing.

Bank details of the Foundation:
Public Charity Foundation “Svoi Deti”
Office 28, 8, Monterskaya str., 620085, Yekaterinburg
Tel.: (343) 213-04-11, Fax.: 278-70-84,
e-mail: pochta@svoi-deti.ru
сайт www.svoi-deti.ru

OGRN 1106600001100
INN 6674352000
KPP 667401001
BIC 046577674
Acc. 40703810516120052172 in Yuzhny Branch Office No. 7004 of Sberbank of Russia,
Corr. Acc. 30101810500000000674

Payment reference:
Contribution to charities.
For example: Yekaterinburg children’s home No. 6.

All children’s homes of Yekaterinburg:

•    Berezovsky section of psychology-pedagogical support, Yekaterinburg boarding school
•    Children’s home-school, Sverdlovsk music and aesthetic pedagogical college
•    Yekaterinburg children’s home No. 3
•    Yekaterinburg children’s home No. 5
•    Yekaterinburg children’s home No. 6
•    Yekaterinburg children’s home No. 7
•    Caravella, Social support center of Verkh-Isetsky district
•    Special (remedial) children’s home for children with disabilities in Maly Istok
•    Orphanage for girls in the name of the Saint Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth


The reciepts

Photo-summary from Public Charity Foundation “Svoi Deti”