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Search Engine Optimization and Promotion of Websites

SEO is an abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization” that can be translated as “optimization of a web resource for various search engines”. Website optimization and promotion is a whole range of activities seek to achieve a single goal – to improve search engine ranking on key queries. As a result, improved ranking leads to increasing target audience of the website. And finally, it inevitably converts into growth of sales and profits, of the company that owns the website promoted. SEO for website promotion includes both external and internal factors operation, cause, the total ranking of the website in search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing, etc.) depends on them.

The overwhelming majority of net surfers are regular users of various search engines that opens up wide SEO possibilities. You can promote blogs or news portals as well as increase sales in your Internet shop, using SEO technologies. It’s important to remember a key feature of SEO activities for website promotion that it is done under conditions of total competition between websites promoted and regular changes in algorithms of search engines. As a result, the website within a couple of weeks can lose its leading positions in TOP-5 or TOP-3 of search ranking and even drop out of TOP-10 or TOP-20, if an optimizer does wrong things.

Before making SEO the website is usually fully analyzed: we test page download speed, server stability as well as we check the quality of the content, information about other web resources linked with the website promoted, and many other things.  It is a very important step of SEO for website promotion. It helps to identify all shortcomings of the website and to work out an intelligent strategy. Besides, the analysis makes you to define, why SEO and promotion activities you made till now were not so efficient.

The major step of SEO

Making a so-called semantic kernel – a list of queries, helping visitors to find out the website promoted – is the major step of search engine optimization. Statistics on each query for the certain period of time is an essential part of the kernel. And the better this list is made the more efficient promotion is.  Then all your forecasts for traffic growth will be more real.
It is important to remember, that SEO for website promotion is not a one-off job. Lists of queries are constantly changed, clients raise their demands, and competitors permanently optimize their websites as well. So it is very important to choose the right partner for long-term website promotion. It keeps you out of fatal mistakes, and makes your website to be always easy found by your potential clients.

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