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Personal Website Promotion

Nowadays, a personal website become rather efficient as a tool for making money, so, its owner needs such things as Personal Website Promotion, badly. Meanwhile, it is a very specific kind of web resources, and you have to take into account a wide range of nuances to make website promotion efficient.

First, you should understand, that a personal website should have a clearly pronounced personality of the owner, that makes search optimization processes of posts for such resource to be rather labour-intensive. It’s one thing to integrate key words into the selling text of the website, which is formal and impersonal, and it’s quite another to put them in informal texts of personal websites. So, efficient promotion of a personal website requires a bit different approach, than when you promote other web resources.

What you should take into account when you promote a personal website  

Successful monetization of any website directly depends on its target audience and subscriber base, which you should start making since its first days. Social networks and blogs of similar subjects are the most efficient methods of attracting visitors when you launch a personal website, cause, all comments and articles, put there with links on the promoted resource, can be converted in a rather impressive traffic. (See "Website promotion by traffic") 

That’s why, if you want to make a personal website to be popular, you should join as many discussions on similar subjects of promoted website as possible. First of all, it helps to increase the number of links. Secondly, it generates immediate, although poorly predicted, traffic from such resources.

It will be a plus, if you get into touch with owners of popular websites of similar subjects and make exchange links or get a link for your active participation in blog’s discussions.

And finally, when you promote a personal website you should do all things that you do, when you make promotion of any web resource in a right way: to optimize it internally, to increase the number of links from trusted web resources, and to register your website in subject directories.

It is also to be noted that all your efforts to monetize a personal website since the start-up period can lead to lowering your ranks in search engines as well as losing audience, and as a result impede successful promotion of the website. Please, wait for some months, let your website get regular audience, subscribers and fans and only than start converting traffic into money.

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