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SEO for Dummies or What is SEO

Even some years ago search engine optimization was rarely used and the very few knew about it. Today, when the number of Internet-shops and websites selling services has reached the certain level, and SEO services are more and more asked-for, the term SEO enters the lexicon of Internet users.

What is SEO?

Abbreviation SEO stands for “Search Engines Optimization”, or, simply, “search optimization”. So, it’s not correct to write “SEO optimization”, cause, “SEO” and “optimization” mean the same.

Active popularization of SEO has led to some Internet slang formations from the word “SEO”. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • “SEOshniki” or “SEO-optimizers” – specialists, who do SEO for websites.
  • “SEO companies” – Internet-marketing firms, specializing on SEO-services.
  • "White SEO" search engine optimization using legal methods of influence on algorithms, which are not in conflict with search engines’ requirements.
  • “Black hat SEO” – search optimization using illegal methods: “doorway pages creating”, “cloaking”, “spam-content”, spam in external factors, systems of Auto Exchange by links, etc.

To make it fully clear, what SEO is, we should figure out how search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) work. As a matter of fact, such very specific job as SEO is a result of development of search engines. So, you have a website. And anyone can find your website, even if he has no any clue on it, but he needs a search engine for it, such as Yandex, and you (your website) need so called indexation in this system.

What is a search engine?

When we say “search engine” we usually mean a website with a systems interface, in fact, it’s a more complicated thing. This is a hardware and software system, providing a capability to search for information on the World Wide Web.

The hardware component of a search system consists of a data center or a server farm, i.e. special-purpose premises or buildings for servers or communications hardware to be placed in and connection to the Internet channels.

And a search engine is the software component of a search system. It’s a program system, which makes the whole search system work and, usually, is a trade secret of the software company.

It is a search system (or a search engine) that connects you (your website) and your potential clients.

A search engine (for example, Yandex) can get the information about your website in two ways:

  • You provide Yandex with the address of your newly built website using Yandex Webmaster.
  • Yandex gets to know about your website by itself, just finding out your website’s link on the other website.

After that Yandex makes indexation of the address, i.e. puts it into its database in a special format. To do this, a so-called “search bot” (a special program) visits you website as an ordinary visitor. It takes all data required and put it into the database of the search engine by itself.

When you enter a query, Yandex shows you a bunch of pages with links. But why some of links are put on the first page and some – at the end of the list? So, to answer this question we should understand the mechanism of search ranking.

You enter a query, then, a search engine finds all links, fitted with this query and ranks them by relevance, i.e. by the relevance of the website (each page of it, to be exact) to the user’s query. It determines on the basis of:

  • the occurrence of the query in texts on pages of the website,
  • the occurrence of the query in links from other website,
  • the general significance of the website from the search engine’s point of view.

Thus, SEO makes special “hooks” for indexation system of search engines and finds the best way to put links to your website in ranking list as higher as possible.

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